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Magical Journeys Beyond Hogwarts: Discover Books For Fans Of The First Harry Potter Adventure

For those of us who grew up waiting for our letter from Hogwarts, the end of Harry Potter's saga left a broomstick-sized hole in our hearts. So you've walked the halls of Hogwarts a million times with Harry, Ron, and Hermione by your side? Yearning for that rush of discovering magical worlds and characters you can't help but love? There's a whole universe of enchanting reads out there waiting to cast a spell on new adventurers like you. 🪄

Losing yourself in tales of magic and courage isn't just for kids. These stories remind us that there's more to the world than what meets the Muggle eye—that with a little bit of curiosity and bravery, you can find the extraordinary in the ordinary any day. They remind us that friendship, loyalty, and the fight for what's right are timeless themes that resonate deeply within all of us.

Whether it’s the lure of ancient myths or the thrill of modern-day wizardry, books that offer an escape into realms of spellbinding narratives can reignite that sense of wonder. And don't worry; you don't need to speak Parseltongue or master Occlumency to join these new quests. Just open a book and dive in. You might not find a magical school hidden in the Highlands, but you'll definitely discover places and characters that are just as captivating and close to heart.

So, ready to embark on your next 'portkey' journey? Let's leave the Muggle world behind for a spell and see where our next magical adventure takes us. ✨ You never know, the next book you pick up could be your very own ticket to an unforgettable journey beyond the stars—or maybe even into the depths of an ancient forest filled with secrets. 🌲 Happy reading, fellow magical beings!

  • Taran Matharu

    Book 1
    Juvenile Fiction

    If you enjoyed the element of a young hero discovering his powers and attending a school for the gifted, 'The Novice' offers a fresh take with its blend of magic and military academy life, which should enchant you with its unique world-building. More

  • Tomi Adeyemi

    Young Adult Fiction

    Dive into rich African mythology in this tale of oppression and rebellion. It's packed with intense magic, well-crafted characters, and a world just as immersive as Harry Potter's, making it a stimulating addition to your magical reading list. More

  • Cassandra Clare,Holly Black

    Juvenile Fiction

    This book kicks off 'The Magisterium' series which takes a darker twist on the magic school concept. With dynamic characters and a world where nothing is as it seems, it promises to grip you just like that first trip on the Hogwarts Express. More

  • V. E. Schwab

    A Novel

    This novel introduces readers to different Londons and the rare magicians who can travel between them. It's an inventive take on magic sure to ignite your sense of adventure and love for worlds hidden within our own. More

  • Jonathan Stroud

    Juvenile Fiction

    The first entry in 'The Bartimaeus Trilogy' offers witty dialogues, an alternate London setting, and a young protagonist learning about magic, reminiscent of the charm found in J.K. Rowling’s work. More

  • Stephanie Garber

    Juvenile Fiction

    If you find yourself missing the cryptic allure of Diagon Alley, 'Caraval' provides an enigmatic game, filled with illusion and mystery, that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. More

  • Christopher Paolini

    Book I
    Young Adult Fiction

    Dragons? Check. A young hero's journey? Check. Paolini's world of Alagaësia offers familiar themes through the eyes of a dragon rider, perfect for satisfying your post-Potter quest for adventure. More

  • Sarah Beth Durst

    Book One of The Queens of Renthia

    Durst creates a world where spirits coexist with humans, but not peacefully. With its well-thought-out magical laws and strong female protagonist, it's a book that'll transport you to its lush danger-filled forests. More

  • Leigh Bardugo

    Young Adult Fiction

    Experience a heist narrative set in a richly drawn world of magic known as the Grishaverse. The diverse cast and high stakes remind us that magical adventures aren't limited to school settings. More