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What to read after EYES OPENED Into The Supernatural World!?

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EYES OPENED Into The Supernatural World!

Permetrice Milroe Jackson

Bibles / God's Word / General

We are not alone in this world. There is a supernatural realm that exist among us! You may feel the peaceful presence of angels, but have you seen them?Permetrice Milroe Jackson has literally seen angels with her natural eyes and she vividly describes them in this book! She has experienced the miraculous power of God, such as when an angel snatched her from harm's way seconds before a speeding car could hit and kill her! God has allowed Permetrice to hear his "still small voice" inwardly, in her spirit. Although rare, she has also heard God's awesome, audible voice! Permetrice has prayed for sick people and God healed them! God uses her to speak prophetically into the lives of people imparting words of wisdom and spiritual clarity: and they confirmed it was just what they needed to know. The Lord has given her dreams of people across the country, revealing details of their problems. She shared wisdom and encouraged them to move forward! In this book, Permetrice shares scriptures and insight into the supernatural world. She testifies about what she has seen and experienced! This anointed, intriguing, and powerful book will encourage you to know that God is with you and he still has miracle working power! As you live for and develop your relationship with God, he can open your spiritual vision and you too may be blessed with - EYES OPENED Into the Supernatural World!
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