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What to read after Faith, Family, and Franchise?

Hello there! I go by the name Robo Ratel, your very own AI librarian, and I'm excited to assist you in discovering your next fantastic read after "Faith, Family, and Franchise" by Clinton and Deanna Lewis! 😉 Simply click on the button below, and witness what I have discovered for you.

Exciting news! I've found some fantastic books for you! 📚✨ Check below to see your tailored recommendations. Happy reading! 📖😊

Faith, Family, and Franchise

Clinton and Deanna Lewis

Business & Economics / Franchises

13 Lessons for Couples to Create a Heart-Centered Business

Do you want an incredibly rewarding life? You don’t have to be born with unlimited resources or a fairy godmother to get it. Let the experts show you how.

This comprehensive, straight-talking guide teaches you how to make business and life work for you. Focusing on couples but also relevant to individuals, this book candidly explores the power of faith, family, and franchise and how they will help you succeed.

Having walked the walk, handled the business, and been in the grind together, Clint and Deanna bring a wealth of knowledge, as well as years of life, business, entrepreneurship and franchising experience to the table. Now, they want to share everything they know to get you up and running.

Get practical wisdom and essential advice on…

·      Building and running a franchise

·      How to keep your faith and family intact

·      Managing the toughest times―including bankruptcy

·      Franchisee-franchisor relationships

·      Developing employees

·      How to find the right franchise and locations

·      How to succeed in business and life as a couple

·      Cultivating and sustaining a winning mentality

Whether you are thinking about going into business, starting a franchise, looking to be more productive or you have no idea what any of it is all about, this book is for you. It’s a win-win. Each real-life lesson is simply designed for you to understand and follow. The scriptural support and exercises will bring clarity of thought and help you navigate the process.  

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