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What to read after Keto Meal Prep?

Hello there! I go by the name Robo Ratel, your very own AI librarian, and I'm excited to assist you in discovering your next fantastic read after "Keto Meal Prep" by Mark Evans! 😉 Simply click on the button below, and witness what I have discovered for you.

Exciting news! I've found some fantastic books for you! 📚✨ Check below to see your tailored recommendations. Happy reading! 📖😊

Keto Meal Prep

2 Books in 1 - 70+ Quick and Easy Low Carb Keto Recipes to Burn Fat and Lose Weight & Simple, Proven Intermittent Fasting Guide for Beginners

Mark Evans

Cooking / Health & Healing / Weight Control

Keto Meal Prep: 2 Books in 1 - 70+ Quick and Easy Low Carb Keto Recipes to Burn Fat and Lose Weight & Simple, Proven Intermittent Fasting Guide for Beginners


This Compilation Book includes:

·        Meal Prep: Beginner's Guide to 70+ Quick and Easy Low Carb Keto Recipes to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast

·        Intermittent Fasting: A Simple, Proven Approach to the Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle - Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Eat What You Want

Are you currently on the Keto Diet but finding it hard to maintain it? If so, then you absolutely must pick up this book because it will make your life so much easier.

Some might think meal prepping is difficult to do when you are on the Keto Diet, but in reality, it cannot be easier as long as you have the recipes to help you out. The first book of this compilation contains the following to help your meal prep Keto Diet meals effectively:

•                    A straightforward guide to meal prepping and avoiding meal prep mistakes

•                    A 30-day suggested keto meal plan based on the recipes in this book

•                    12 delicious and satisfying meal prep-friendly breakfast recipes

•                    15 delectable and filling meal prep-friendly lunch recipes

•                    12 savory and scrumptious meal prep-friendly dinner recipes

•                    16 crowd and cravings pleasing meal prep-friendly snack recipes

•                    17 yummy and creamy meal prep-friendly smoothie and dessert recipes

With this book in hand, all you have to do next is to follow the instructions, gather up your ingredients and equipment, start meal prepping your low carb keto meals and watch yourself burn the fat away!


In the second book of this compilation, you’ll learn about the fundamental concepts of intermittent fasting and find out why more and more people, who once tried to follow several diet plans, are switching into this new weight-loss technique.

To provide a quick look on the set of lessons that you can only learn once you read the book, here’s an overview:

•                    A wide coverage of all the things you need to know about intermittent fasting

•                    The science, and research studies, that back up the efficacy of the diet method

•                    Full discussion on how intermittent fasting specifically results to both weight loss and muscle gain

•                    A list of the most prominent fasting types that are currently dominating the fitness industry

•                    A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to intermittent fasting for beginners including specific diet protocols and guidelines

•                    Supplementary section which provides additional guides and ideas that can help maximize the results of intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is by far the most realistic option you have. So, if you are really serious about losing weight, consider this book as your personal guide and start taking the road to a healthier body!

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