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What to read after The Iron Cage?

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The Iron Cage

The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood

Rashid Khalidi

History / Middle East / General

A brilliant and sobering critique of the Palestinian failure to achieve statehood, by a major Palestinian historian and political commentator

At a time when a lasting peace between Palestinians and Israelis seems virtually unattainable, understanding the roots of the longest-running conflict in the Middle East is an essential step in restoring hope to the region. In "The Iron Cage", Rashid Khalidi, one of the most respected historians and political observers of the Middle East, examines the Palestinian's struggle for statehood, presenting a succinct and insightful history of the people and their leadership throughout the twentieth century. Ranging from the Palestinian struggle against colonial rule and the establishment of the State of Israel, through the eras of the PLO, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas, this is an unflinching and sobering critique of the Palestinian failure to achieve statehood, as well as a balanced account of the odds ranged against them. Lucid yet challenging, Rashid Khalidi's engrossing narrative of this tortuous history is required reading for anyone concerned about peace in the Middle East.
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