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What to read after The KJV/RV Interlinear Bible, Black Calfskin Leather, RV655:X?

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The KJV/RV Interlinear Bible, Black Calfskin Leather, RV655:X

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The Interlinear Bible is really two Bibles in one. It combines the King James Version of 1611 with its first authorised successor, the Revised Version of 1885. The usual method for comparing two translations is to print the text in two parallel columns. In the Interlinear Bible, where the two texts are identical, only one line of type appears. Where there is any deviation, the RV is given as an upper line of smaller type, and the KJV as the lower line. This method immediately indicates where variations exist, yet it is possible to read either version with ease. • text of the KJV and the RV combined • cross-references from the RV • footnotes from the KJV and the RV • alphabetically arranged blank index pages • Bible Companion (a reading guide for each day of the year) • extra ruled paper for the reader's notes • 15 colour maps and a map index • list of variant readings preferred by the American Standard Version translation committee
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