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Unlocking the Next Chapter: What to Read After Your Favorite Books

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Ascend Online

rated by Lost Ratel

Was enjoying series, then it went back to the beginning from a different point of view starting a new book. Couldn't take it, lost interest seeing the "same things".

03 October 2023
03 October 2023

He Who Fights with Monsters

rated by Lost Ratel

Starts fun, gets boring part way though. Honestly, almost dropped since middle section of the story dragged on too long. Seems to be picking up again.

03 October 2023

Defiance of the Fall

rated by Lost Ratel

Book 1 starts fairly slow, sucked into the story later. MC a bit OP at times but definitely scratches the itch. Favorite series at this moment.

03 October 2023
03 October 2023
03 October 2023