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What to read after A Christmas Picture Book: Season Eight?

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A Christmas Picture Book: Season Eight

A Fire in the Village

Antoinette Stockenberg

Antiques & Collectibles / Figurines

Somehow, the need to be kind and generous and tolerant seems more urgent than ever, and that need was very much on my mind as I arranged my Christmas mantel village and imagined the story that would accompany it. When I was finished, I had to ask myself: is this really a Christmas story? And the answer is that -- in the truest spirit of this season of love and hope -- it is.

The story this season: Mayor Pittman has lost his bid to become a United States senator. For the past few days he has been consulting with his advisors about the next step. Suddenly, in the thick of all the conflicting advice comes a call for the most urgent form of action:there has been a fire in the village.

A Fire in the Village

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The best way to view this pictorial eBook is in landscape mode with two columns displayed. In a two column display the images are quite small initially, but can be expanded to full screen size by tapping on them. I recommend that you download Season One first, which is free, to make sure that this type of eBook works well on your eReader.

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