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What to read after A Tale of an Intelligent Psychopath?

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A Tale of an Intelligent Psychopath

Based on a True Story

Josephs Quartzy

Fiction / General

About the book:
The book, 'The Tale of an Intelligent Psychopath' is a fiction novel based on a true story of Jean Mara. The story started years back on a pastoral village of Kyawaza, a polygamist Mr. Mara who had more than 50 wives and more than a hundred children killed his own wife (Anna) two months after she had given birth to Jean, who went on living bitter life because he had no one to look at or anyone to cry to. Jean made it to be the most successful engeneer later on but, forgot all he passed through and repeated the exact mistakes as his father (Mr. mara).
About the author:
Joseph Marwa (born April 16th, 1999) proffesionally known to as Josephs Quartzy is a Tanzanian Singer-songwriter, Actor, Author and Entrepreneur, serving as the current CEO of Bongo Times. He is notable by songs; Coder,I'm a Rider Dear mama 2 and Promise, movies; Mr Local Man(2019), Lucifer'e and the great Controversy(2020) and a Tv show JQ Knew That. As an author, Josephs is writing on a high range of genres, but he is mostly known on writing fictional as well as philosophical novels. He is known for his I Married a dead woman, The Power of Love and Malaika aliyepotea books.

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