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What to read after Atelier Le Tallec(tm) Hand Painted Limoges Porcelain?

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Atelier Le Tallec(tm) Hand Painted Limoges Porcelain

For Connoisseurs, Royalty, and Tiffany and Co. (tm)

Keith Waterbrook-Clyde , Thomas Waterbrook-Clyde

Antiques & Collectibles / Porcelain & China

The hand painted Limoges porcelain from the Paris decorating studio Atelier Le Tallec*TM, dating from 1930 through 2002, are displayed in over 490 vivid color photographs. Limoges bells, boxes, candlesticks, and vases to dinnerware, apothecary jars, ginger jars, chocolate pots, and tea sets are shown in a variety of patterns, including chinoiseries, figurals, florals, foliage, fauna of land, sea, and air, insects, geometric forms, and abstracts. Engaging text provides a brief history of Atelier Le Tallec and its artists (including Atelier Le Tallec himself), examines the studio's marks, and organizes the patterns by their styles. A bibliography, index, and current market values are included. This book will charm everyone with an eye for beauty.
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