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What to read after Creating a Children's SYNAHIT Epub?

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Creating a Children's SYNAHIT Epub

SYNAHIT = SYnchronized NArration and HIghlighted Text

Carlos M. Arroyave V.

Computers / Desktop Applications / Desktop Publishing

If you want to become a self publisher of children’s epubs with media overlay (MO) capabilities you should read this ebook. Epub with media overlay means the ebook is capable of narrate the text and simultaneously highlight the narrated text.

It is recommended the reader to have some basic knowledge about computers word processing (Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, OpenOffice Text Document, etc).

As an epub is very similar to a webpage, it is very helpful to have some knowledge about XHTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. However, it is not necessary since the ebook covers the basics about them. The ebook covers just those aspects of XHTML and CSS3 that are required to create the epub “Little Red Riding Hood Sample.epub” that will be the final result after reading the ebook.

You have to be willing to learn several open source applications that will help you to create the sample epub.

You have to be willing to learn SIGIL, the open source epub editor that will be used to create the sample epub.

You need to learn some basics about audio creation and editing, using the open source application AUDACITY.

To create the MO files, you need to learn how to use SMIL ASSIST, an open source program that will be used to create the MO files.

Throughout the whole ebook I would reference the MO files as the soul of the main added value of the ebook: SYnchronized NArration and HIghlighted Text (SYNAHIT). I want to coin this name, since the popular Read Aloud term referring to the MO capabilities, often is mistaken with the fact someone may want to read aloud the book. Just Google “Read Aloud” ebooks and you’ll find many different interpretations.

Following the step by step instructions in chapters 4, 6, and 7, you’ll learn to import text, images, and MO files as you build the epub “Little Red Riding Hood Sample.epub”.

All the other chapters are necessary to understand the EPUB 3 specification, epub validation, and epub online publishing.

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