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What to read after Determined to Serve: The Ricochet Effect?

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Determined to Serve: The Ricochet Effect

Abeni El-Amin

Business & Economics / Nonprofit Organizations & Charities / Management & Leadership

To RICOCHET is the rebounding action of something that hits a surface and bounces off in a different direction. The death or misdirection of innocent youth must be counteracted with positive action to assist them to greater social, economic and developmental potential. When tragedy in society occurs, all too often we freeze instead of proactively and strategically addressing the issue because we are too busy guarding the store. Look behind you. What do you see? Frustration, anger, hurt and distrust? Look in front of you. See love, hope, promise, prosperity and trust. See the principles of what the Million Man March was trying to teach society. "You Are My Brother's Keeper". See taking strategic action in our communities to make them better, cleaner, and safer for our children. Be Determined to Serve!
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