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What to read after FRANCHISING IN BRAZIL?

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Alain Getta , Ana Cristina Von Jess , Beto Filho , Daniel Godiño , José Schwartz , Julio Monteiro , Luiz Felizardo Barroso , Luiz Henrique O. do Amaral , Margarete Prata , Paulo Mendonça , Rogério Gama , Romualdo Ayres , Valter Fernandes

Business & Economics / Franchises

This book will detail and report the way of working of this wonderful world of business that thrives with much success, generating profit for the franchisor, for the supplier, for the franchisee and for Brazil. For those who want to create their own future, franchising is a great choice!

Franchising in Brazil aims to contribute to many key issues in the process of democratization of information. With the system being in an increasing development, we intend to show that the panorama is accessible to all classes of the economically active country, providing opportunities for investors and individuals, seeking out to enter the labor market, but also for the academic public, researchers, journalists, economists, government agencies, and individuals, among others. 

Therefore, the creation of a work on the entire system in the form of a manual became imperative to present, in a dynamic and didactic way, how franchising can cause innovation in all economic sectors of the country, and showing that everyone has the possibility of investing in franchising and benefit from inside information generated in this sector.

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