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What to read after Franchising & Licensing?

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Franchising & Licensing

Two Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business in Any Economy

Andrew J. Sherman

Business & Economics / Franchises

Annotation. For more than a decade, this book has been the definitive guide to franchises and licensing programs. In this third edition, author and prominent attorney Andrew J. Sherman expands his in-depth coverage to include international franchising initiatives. In addition, every chapter has been thoroughly updated to reflect new information on market responsiveness, compliance, and other key issues. The result is a truly global reference that will prove indispensable to companies and entrepreneurs alike. If you're involved in any aspect of franchising and licensing, you can't afford to be without the latest edition of this book. It became the industry standard immediately upon its original publication, opening up enticing opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as presenting new strategic options for corporations. Now the third edition gives it truly global reach. Expanded to include international as well as domestic (U.S.) franchising and licensing, it comprehensively covers the strategic, legal, financial, and operational aspects of these complex but highly profitable business structures.
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