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What to read after GraphQL in Action?

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GraphQL in Action

Samer Buna

Computers / Web / Web Services & APIs

GraphQL in Action gives you the tools to get comfortable with the GraphQL language, build and optimize a data API service, and use it in a front-end client application.

Reduce bandwidth demands on your APIs by getting only the results you need—all in a single request! The GraphQL query language simplifies interactions with web servers, enabling smarter API queries that can hugely improve the efficiency of data requests. In GraphQL in Action, you'll learn how to bring those benefits to your own APIs, giving your clients the power to ask for exactly what they need from your server, no more, no less. Practical and example-driven, this book teaches everything you need to get started with GraphQL—from design principles and syntax right through to performance optimization.

Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.

About the technology
GraphQL APIs are fast, efficient, and easy to maintain. They reduce app latency and server cost while boosting developer productivity. This powerful query layer offers precise control over API requests and returns, making apps faster and less prone to error.

About the book
GraphQL in Action gives you the tools to get comfortable with the GraphQL language, build and optimize a data API service, and use it in a front-end client application. By working through set up, security, and error handling you'll learn to create a complete GraphQL server. You'll also unlock easy ways to incorporate GraphQL into your existing codebase so you can build simple, scalable data APIs.

What's inside

Define a GraphQL schema for relational and document databases
Implement GraphQL types using both the schema language and object constructor methods
Optimize GraphQL resolvers with data caching and batching
Design GraphQL fragments that match UI components' data requirements
Consume GraphQL API queries, mutations, and subscriptions with and without a GraphQL client library

About the reader
For web developers familiar with client-server applications.

About the author
Samer Buna has over 20 years of experience in software development including front-ends, back-ends, API design, and scalability.

Table of Contents


1 Introduction to GraphQL

2 Exploring GraphQL APIs

3 Customizing and organizing GraphQL operations


4 Designing a GraphQL schema

5 Implementing schema resolvers

6 Working with database models and relations

7 Optimizing data fetching

8 Implementing mutations


9 Using GraphQL APIs without a client library

10 Using GraphQL APIs with Apollo client
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