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What to read after Historic Haunts of the Long Beach Peninsula?

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Historic Haunts of the Long Beach Peninsula

Sydney Stevens

Body, Mind & Spirit / Supernatural (incl. Ghosts)

The towns and scenic byways of the Long Beach Peninsula attract more than just tourists, and from Oysterville to Ilwaco, ghostly tales abound. In Seaview, the Lamplighter hosts a multitude of spirits, including Lily, a murdered barmaid, while at the nearby Shelburne Inn, many guests have reported a ghostly presence that has yet to be identified. Mysterious footsteps can be heard on the stairs of the George Johnson house in Ocean Park, and a man holding a baby is rumored to appear at the Old Ilwaco Hospital. Join author and historian Sydney Stevens as she uncovers the spooky side of these beloved seaside towns.
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