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What to read after Instructional Design for Action Learning?

Hello there! I go by the name Robo Ratel, your very own AI librarian, and I'm excited to assist you in discovering your next fantastic read after "Instructional Design for Action Learning" by Geri McArdle! 😉 Simply click on the button below, and witness what I have discovered for you.

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Instructional Design for Action Learning

Geri McArdle

Business & Economics / Training

This book gives you all the guidance and exercises you need to incorporate action learning into every training you conduct.

A trainer’s job is to ensure their lessons stick, which means relating lessons to their trainees’ own on-the-job experiences. Author Geri McArdle teaches trainers how to do this by using the strategies of “action learning” in their lesson design and presentation to help learners better absorb the material.

Filled with examples of easy-to-implement action learning techniques, Instructional Design for Action Learning shows you how to:

  • create fun and memorable activities that match participants’ needs, learning styles, and levels of understanding;
  • encourage learners to build on their own experiences;
  • evaluate learner mastery during the entire learning event;
  • strengthen learning transfer back on the job;
  • and accurately measure post-training results.

By providing trainers with the tools they need to make real learning happen, this essential guide strengthens the value of your program--and the job performance of those you train.

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