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What to read after Learn ASP.Net in 24 Hours?

Hello there! I go by the name Robo Ratel, your very own AI librarian, and I'm excited to assist you in discovering your next fantastic read after "Learn ASP.Net in 24 Hours" by Alex Nordeen! 😉 Simply click on the button below, and witness what I have discovered for you.

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Learn ASP.Net in 24 Hours

Definitive Guide to Learn ASP.Net for Beginners

Alex Nordeen

Computers / Programming Languages / ASP.NET

Learn ASP.NET in 1 Day serves as beginner guide for a crash course in ASP.NET development.

The book contains tons of examples that prepare you for real-world development project.

The books gives clear instructions for executing, tracing, testing, debugging, and managing ASP.NET code.

This book will help you create a great looking website using ASP.net

Here is what you will learn –

Chapter 1: What is ASP.NET? and it's ARCHITECTURE

1. What is ASP.Net?

2. ASP.NET Architecture and its Components

Chapter 2: ASP.NET Application & PAGE Life Cycle

1. What is ASP.Net Lifecycle?

2. What is ASP.Net Page Lifecycle?

Chapter 3: ASP.NET First Program Example: Hello World

Chapter 4: ASP.NET Controls: CheckBox, RadioButton, ListBox, Textbox, Label

1. Adding ASP.Net Controls to Web Forms

2. Label Control

3. Textbox

4.  List box

5.  RadioButton

6.  Checkbox

7.  Button

8.  Event Handler in ASP.Net

Chapter 5: ASP.NET Session Management Tutorial [Example]

Chapter 6: ASP.NET Web Forms Tutorial: User Controls Examples

1. Create User Control in ASP.Net

2.  Registering User Controls on a ASP.NET web forms

3.  Registering asp.net controls globally in the web config configuration file asp

4.  Adding public properties to a web control

Chapter 7: Insert, Update, Delete: ASP.NET Database Connection Tutorial

1. Fundamentals of Database connectivity

2.  ASP.NET Database Connections

3.  ASP.NET Read Database using SqlDataReader

4.  Insert Database Record using InsertCommand

5.  Update Database Record using UpdateCommand

6.  Delete Database Record using DeleteCommand

7.  Connecting Asp.net Controls to Data

Chapter 8: Asp.Net Page Level Tracing, Debugging, Error Handling [Example]

1.  What is Debugging in ASP.NET?

2.  What is Tracing in ASP.NET?

3.  Page Level Tracing

4.  Error Handling: Displaying a Custom Error Page

5.  ASP.NET Unhandled Exception

6.  ASP.NET Error logging

Chapter 9: How to Host a Website on IIS: Setup & Deploy Web Application

1.  How to Download and Install IIS

2.  How to Deploy Website in IIS via File copy

3.  How to Publish ASP.NET Website

Chapter 10: UNIT TESTING in Asp.Net: Complete Tutorial

1.  Introduction to testing for ASP.Net

2.  Creating a .NET Unit Testing Project

3.  Running the Test Project

Chapter 11: ASP.NET MVC Tutorial for Beginners

1.  What is ASP.NET MVC?

2.  Why ASP.net MVC?

3.  Version History of MVC

4.  Features of MVC

5.  Thins to remember while creating MVC Application

6.  MVC architectural Pattern

7.  Web Forms vs. MVC

8.  Advantages of ASP.NET MVC

9.  Disadvantages of ASP.NET MVC

10.  Best practices while using ASP.

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