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What to read after Of Quest and Triumph?

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Of Quest and Triumph

Layla Harper

Fiction / Romance / Fantasy

From author Layla Harper comes a breathtaking tale of risk, betrayal, and longing between a stubborn human woman trying to escape Alfhemir and the loyal fae regent tasked with protecting her.

Victoria lost count of the number of days she’d been there. Eighteen? Twenty? Thirty? It felt like forever, the memory of her life before the borgs fading to a distant blur. The last thing she remembers is stumbling across campus, dazed and confused, the grass cool beneath her feet.

And then nothing.

Nothing until she woke up in the woods blindfolded, in her underwear, flat on her back, in another realm.

A realm called Alfhemir.

Now her survival depends on him, a fae known as the Lord Regent of Drengskador. Khao is the scariest, most breathtaking fae she’s ever seen. He makes her feel things she shouldn’t. But to get out of Alfhemir alive, she’ll need to convince him to go against his duty and his high queen.

But there are forces at play that catch them both by surprise, and soon, it’s not just her life on the line.

It’s his.

The Court of Bones and Ash series is an m/f steamy romantic fantasy between one growly fae king and his fated mate. This compilation includes books six and seven, Fae King’s Quest and Fae King’s Triumph, and tells Khao and Victoria’s story.

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