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What to read after Pro Exchange Server 2013 Administration?

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Pro Exchange Server 2013 Administration

Jaap Wesselius

Computers / Client-Server Computing

Pro Exchange Server 2013 Administration is your best-in-class companion for gaining

a deep, thorough understanding of Microsoft’s powerful enterprise collaboration and

communications server.

Author Jaap Wesselius is at your side as you administer every facet of Exchange Server

2013, revealing tips, tricks, and little known facts that will make your administration life

simpler and more effective. Along with revealing what’s new in Exchange Server 2013, this

well-paced, deeply engaging tutorial provides detailed deployment guidance, for upgraders

and migrators as well as for organizations entirely new to the Exchange platform. The book

details how all of the major Exchange components fit together, from SMTP messages to

all kinds of clients. It also provides in-depth configuration examples with an eye toward

creating scalable, reliable, and secure installations. Additionally, this guide covers the tools

and techniques for monitoring an Exchange environment and troubleshooting when things

go wrong.

With Pro Exchange Server 2013 Administration, you will:

• Learn how to install Exchange Server fresh or upgrade from a previous version

• Get a comprehensive understanding of Exchange, with thorough coverage of

Mailbox server and Client Access server

• Understand the tools and techniques for configuring and managing your Exchange

deployment to ensure scalability, reliability, efficiency and security

• Learn how to monitor your deployment and prepare for any problems and how

to troubleshoot any problems that do arise

What you’ll learn A comprehensive set of best practices for administering Exchange Server 2013 on a daily basis. A thorough understanding of new features. How to design and deploy new Exchange 2013 servers and upgrade existing Exchange servers to Exchange 2013. Learn best practices for high availability and disaster recovery. Understand the differences and similarities between Exchange on-premise and Exchange Online. Who this book is for

Pro Exchange Server 2013 Administration is intended for mail system administrators and architects who design, deploy, and support messaging infrastructures that include Microsoft Exchange.

Table of Contents1. Introduction to Exchange 2013

2. Exchange 2013 Deployments

3. Coexistence and Migration

4. Client Access

5. Mailbox

6. Managing Exchange 2013

7. Backup, Restore and Disaster Recovery

8. Monitoring Exchange 2013

9. Troubleshooting Exchange 2013

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