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What to read after Secrets to Contacting Celebrities?

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Secrets to Contacting Celebrities

101 Ways to Reach the Rich and Famous

Jordan McAuley

Antiques & Collectibles / Autographs

Need to contact a celebrity? Now you can! Filled with insider tips, tricks, and techniques, "Secrets to Contacting Celebrities and Public Figures" reveals everything you need to know to reach today's hottest stars in person, online, and by mail!Maybe you want an autograph from your favorite actor. Or perhaps youâ¿¿d like your photo taken with your favorite singer. Or maybe youâ¿¿re looking to get a baseball player to sign a jersey for your little brother. Whatever your need for contacting a celebrity, this book will help you succeed.Youâ¿¿ll discover how to get past the velvet rope plus: Get free autographed photos, signed memorabilia, and personal notes from your favorite celebrities and public figures; contact actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, talk show hosts, authors, supermodels, comic book artists, and adult film stars; get up close and personal with todayâ¿¿s hottest celebrities at parties, movie premieres, and live appearance; get backstage at concerts; rub elbows with the rich and famous for business or pleasure; plus much more!Includes a free 30-Day Membership to www.ContactAnyCelebrity.com so you can get the best mailing address, agent, manager, publicist, and more with email, phone and fax numbers for over 55,000 celebrities and public figures worldwide.
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