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What to read after The Battle of Znaim?

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The Battle of Znaim

Napoleon, the Habsburgs and the end of the War of 1809

John H. Gill

History / Wars & Conflicts / Napoleonic Wars

The acclaimed Napoleonic historian sheds new light on a fascinating yet little-known battle in the Franco-Austrian War.

Occurring in July of 1809, the Battle of Znaim was the last to be fought on the main front of the Franco-Austrian War. Cut short to make way for an armistice it effectively ended hostilities between France and Austria and is now considered a unique episode of simultaneous conflict and diplomacy.

The battle began as a result of the Austrian decision to stage a rearguard action near Znaim, prompting the Bavarians to unsuccessfully storm a nearby town. As the battle progressed over the course of the two days, the village changed hands a number of times.

Historian John H. Gill delves into the tactics of both sides as the two armies continually changed positions and strategies. His account dissects and investigates the dual aspects of the Battle of Znaim and explains the diplomatic decisions that resulted in the peace treaty which was signed at Schonbrunn Palace on October 14th, 1809.
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