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What to read after The Fundamentals of Creative Design?

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The Fundamentals of Creative Design

Gavin Ambrose , Paul Harris

Computers / Computer Graphics / Design

"The fundamentals of creative design offers an introduction to key elements of the creative process. Each subject matter, or "fundamental," uses detailed diagrammatic explanation, associated theories, and historical references to explain the underlying principles of design practice. Accompanied by examples from contemporary designers and practitioners, The Fundamentals of Creative Design, offers a unique insight into the working methods of creative professionals. The many areas of study include layout, where supporting work demonstrates the successful use of basic grid structures through to examples that challenge and break these foundations. An insight into the development of typography is accompanied by chapters including formats, images, and colour usage -- the basic repertoire of the modern designer. Each chapter is comprehensively broken down in to key constituent parts. For example, typography contains explanations and example of alignment, leading, kerning, formatting and other "tools" used by contemporary designers. The associated examples help to explain the principles in terms of real-life application and possibilities, and not through purely abstract or academic understanding. Working processes are illustrated in detail, and are accompanied by explanations from the creatives involved. These explanatory "example" sections are clearly described in terms of brief, process and result, helping to contextualize the projects and enabling the reader to understand both how and why these fundamental rules are so important."--Publisher's description.
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