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What to read after The Nonprofiteer’s Fundraising Field Guide?

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The Nonprofiteer’s Fundraising Field Guide

30 Practical Ways to Boost Philanthropy Through Servant-Leadership

Evan Wildstein

Business & Economics / Nonprofit Organizations & Charities / Fundraising & Grants

Nonᐧprofᐧiᐧteer (noun): A person who loves being a champion for social impact organizations and their people. Nonprofits are amazing. They deliver life-changing programs, research, and more to impact communities. Philanthropy supercharges nonprofits to go forward--but it's about more than money. It's about trust. It's about storytelling. It's about big relationships. It's about doing the right thing. It's about meaningful conversations. Servant-leadership inspires all this and more. So why hasn't anyone written about it to boost fundraising? Now they have. The Nonprofiteer's Fundraising Field Guide rewrites a century of practice and research for modern nonprofits. It inspires readers to take fast action by exploring the ten core behaviors of servant-leaders--behaviors like listening, empathy, healing, building community, and many more. Heartfelt stories from social impact leaders fill the pages of the field guide, demonstrating exactly what is possible for everyday nonprofiteers. For those interested in a realistic, inspiring roadmap, this is your fundraising field guide. It's for anyone who wants to engage with donors, grow revenue, and improve philanthropy.
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