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What to read after Traitors (A Sophie Racine Assassin Thriller, Book 1)?

Hello there! I go by the name Robo Ratel, your very own AI librarian, and I'm excited to assist you in discovering your next fantastic read after "Traitors (A Sophie Racine Assassin Thriller, Book 1)" by Alex Shaw! 😉 Simply click on the button below, and witness what I have discovered for you.

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Traitors (A Sophie Racine Assassin Thriller, Book 1)

Alex Shaw

Fiction / Thrillers / Espionage

The start of a gripping new crime thriller series introducing Intelligence officer Sophie Racine and featuring ex-SAS officer Aidan Snow!

‘Alex Shaw is one of the best thriller writers around!’ Stephen Leather

French Intelligence officer Sophie Racine is tasked with travelling into the heart of a warzone in Ukraine. Her mission is to assassinate a Russian spy who took the French secret service apart piece by piece and gave their secrets to the Kremlin.

Ex-SAS trooper and MI6 Officer Aidan Snow is also in Ukraine. Sent by British Intelligence, he must extract an innocent citizen caught up in the conflict in rebel-controlled Donetsk.

When their missions collide, Snow and Racine find themselves outgunned and outnumbered. Even if they make it out of the warzone alive, danger won’t be far behind...

Perfect for fans of Killing Eve, Chris Ryan, James Deegan and Vince Flynn, this is an explosive action thriller you won’t be able to put down.

Don’t miss the first book in the explosive Sophie Racine thriller series!

Readers love Sophie Racine!

‘Literally took my breath away*****’ Netgalley reviewer

‘An absolute must-read powerhouse smash-hit! *****’ Netgalley reviewer

‘I stayed up all night reading it! *****’ Netgalley reviewer

‘Wow, this was a cracker of a read! *****’ Netgalley reviewer

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