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What to read after Winning Now, Winning Later?

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Winning Now, Winning Later

How Companies Can Succeed in the Short Term While Investing for the Long Term

David M. Cote

Business & Economics / Organizational Development


In this unpredictable business landscape, everyone is struggling to choose between chasing short-term objectives and creating a secure future for their company, but both are crucial.

As CEO of Honeywell, David Cote understood this dilemma well. He turned the company around despite facing the 2008 recession. In these pages, he shows you how taking the same revolutionary approach might be the smartest business decision you’ll ever make.

Presenting a comprehensive solution to a perennial problem, Winning Now, Winning Later is a go-to guide for you and leaders everywhere to finally transcend short-termism’s daily grind and leave an enduring legacy of success. This tested and proven approach can strengthen your business like never before and even rescue it from the brink of disaster, no matter how dire the current circumstances may seem.

In Winning Now, Winning Later, Cote shares 10 essential principles for winning today and tomorrow such as:

    • Spot business practices that seem attractive in the short term but will cost the company in the future
    • Determine where and how to invest in growth initiatives for maximum impact
    • Sustain both short-term performance and long-term investments even in challenging times, such as a recession or leadership transition
    • Feel inspired to stand up to investors and managers who are solely focused on either short- or long-term company objectives
    • Step back and foster independent thinking among those around you
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