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An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States: A Graphic Interpretation

Paul Peart-Smith

In stunning full color and accessible text, a graphic adaptation of the American Book Award winning history of the United States as told from the perspective of indigenous peoples—perfect for readers of all ages Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s influential New York ...

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The History of Palestine

Rising Beyond Challenges Lessons of Hope from Palestine's History

Nicholas Austin

Unveiling the Chronicles: The Enigmatic History of Palestine Embark on an astonishing expedition through the mystifying past of Palestine, a land that has woven its narrative into the fabric of human history for ages. "The History of Palestine: From Ancient Ca...

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A History of the Buckeye State

Kevin F. Kern , Gregory S. Wilson

The new edition of the most up-to-date, interdisciplinary history of Ohio currently available Now in its second edition, Ohio: A History of the Buckeye State surveys the long and rich history of Ohio from its earliest geological periods to the present day. Des...

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A History of Northumberland, in Three Parts, Volumes 2-3

James Raine , John Collingwood Bruce , John Hodgson

This three-volume history of Northumberland covers the period from the Roman Occupation to the mid-19th century. The second and third volumes include detailed accounts of the social, political, and economic history of the region, as well as information on its ...

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The Peerage of Ireland

Or, a Genealogical History of the Present Nobility of That Kingdom; Volume 2

Mervyn Archdall , John Lodge

This genealogical history of the Irish peerage provides detailed biographical information on the nobility of Ireland. Originally published in the 18th century, the book includes family trees, coats of arms, and descriptions of estates and titles. It is a valua...

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Time Travel

To the Edge of History

Sourabh De

33000 years back, humans turned one of their bitter enemies into a loyal friend. Who was this enemy? And how did this 'enemy' help Homo sapiens to get to the top of the food chain? A ball of dung rolled by a beetle transformed humanity. How did that happen? A ...

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What Is History, Now?

Suzannah Lipscomb , Helen Carr

This groundbreaking new collection addresses the burning issue of how we interpret history today. What stories are told, and by whom, who should be celebrated, and what rewritten, are questions that have been asked recently not just within the history world, b...

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Empires in World History

Power and the Politics of Difference

Jane Burbank , Frederick Cooper

How empires have used diversity to shape the world order for more than two millennia Empires—vast states of territories and peoples united by force and ambition—have dominated the political landscape for more than two millennia. Empires in World History de...

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A History of Writing

Steven Roger Fischer

From the earliest scratches on stone and bone to the languages of computers and the internet, A History of Writing offers an investigation into the origin and development of writing throughout the world. Illustrated with numerous examples, this book offers a g...

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A Black Women's History of the United States

Daina Ramey Berry , Kali Nicole Gross

The award-winning Revisioning American History series continues with this “groundbreaking new history of Black women in the United States” (Ibram X. Kendi)—the perfect companion to An Indigenous People’s History of the United States and An African Amer...

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Potential History

Unlearning Imperialism

Ariella Aïsha Azoulay

A passionately urgent call for all of us to unlearn imperialism and repair the violent world we share, from one of our most compelling political theorists In this theoretical tour-de-force, renowned scholar Ariella Aïsha Azoulay calls on us to recognize the i...

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What is Cultural History?

Peter Burke

What is Cultural History? has established itself as an essential guide to what cultural historians do and how they do it. Now fully updated in its third edition, leading historian Peter Burke offers afresh his accessible account of the past, present and future...

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A Concise History of History

Global Historiography from Antiquity to the Present

Daniel Woolf

An incisive account of the entire history of historical writing worldwide by one of the leading intellects in the field....

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A Concise History of Germany

Mary Fulbrook

This third edition of a much-admired introduction to German history captures recent developments in Germany, Europe and the wider world....

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A Different Mirror

A History of Multicultural America

Ronald Takaki

Ronald Takaki's beloved revisionist history of America, praised by Howard Zinn as "a bold and refreshing new approach to our national history," now featuring a foreword from Clint Smith, author of the award-winning #1 bestseller How the Word Is Passed. Ronald ...

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A History

John E Simmons

This comprehensive history of museums begins with the origins of collecting in prehistory and traces the evolution of museums from grave goods to treasure troves, from the Alexandrian Temple of the Muses to the Renaissance cabinets of curiosities, and onto the...

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Beast or Angel?

Choosing to be Human

Rene Dubos

The world of things is different now from what it was half a century ago, but Rene Dubos doubts that there have been basic changes in life itself, in those attitudes and activities, needs, and yearning, that are the most important for happiness and suffering, ...

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Thinking About History

Sarah Maza

What distinguishes history as a discipline from other fields of study? That's the animating question of Sarah Maza’s Thinking About History, a general introduction to the field of history that revels in its eclecticism and highlights the inherent tensions an...

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The History of a Continent

John Iliffe

In a vast and all-embracing study of Africa, from the origins of mankind to the present day, John Iliffe refocuses its history on the peopling of an environmentally hostile continent. Africans have been pioneers struggling against disease and nature, but durin...

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Introduction to Public History

Interpreting the Past, Engaging Audiences

Cherstin M. Lyon , Elizabeth M. Nix , Rebecca K. Shrum

Introduction to Public History: Interpreting the Past, Engaging Audiences is a brief foundational textbook for public history. It is organized around the questions and ethical dilemmas that drive public history in a variety of settings, from local community-ba...

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A History

Remy Debes

In everything from philosophical ethics to legal argument to public activism, it has become commonplace to appeal to the idea of human dignity. In such contexts, the concept of dignity typically signifies something like the fundamental moral status belonging t...

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A History

Helen Hardacre

Helen Hardacre offers a sweeping, comprehensive history of Shinto, the tradition that is practiced by some 80 percent of the Japanese people and underlies the institution of the Emperor....

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Philosophy in the Islamic World

A history of philosophy without any gaps

Peter Adamson

The latest in the series based on the popular History of Philosophy podcast, this volume presents the first full history of philosophy in the Islamic world for a broad readership. It takes an approach unprecedented among introductions to this subject, by provi...

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A Rich History

Peter McNeil , Giorgio Riello

We live in a world obsessed by luxury. Long-distance airlines compete to offer first-class sleeping experiences and hotels recommend exclusive suites where you are never disturbed. Luxury is a rapidly changing global industry that makes the headlines daily in ...

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What is Intellectual History?

Richard Whatmore

What is intellectual history? Those who practice intellectual history have described themselves as eavesdroppers upon the conversations of the past, explorers of alien ideological worlds, and translators between historic societies and our own, while their crit...

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What Is Global History?

Sebastian Conrad

The first comprehensive overview of the innovative new discipline of global history Until very recently, historians have looked at the past with the tools of the nineteenth century. But globalization has fundamentally altered our ways of knowing, and it is no ...

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The University of Oxford

A History

L. W. B. Brockliss

This fresh and readable account gives a complete history of the University of Oxford, from its beginnings in the 11th century to the present day - charting Oxford's improbable rise from provincial backwater to modern meritocratic and secular university with an...

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Revolutions in Communication

Media History from Gutenberg to the Digital Age

Bill Kovarik

Revolutions in Communication offers a new approach to media history, presenting an encyclopedic look at the way technological change has linked social and ideological communities. Using key figures in history to benchmark the chronology of technical innovation...

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The History of Emotions

A Very Short Introduction

Thomas M. Dixon

Emotions are complex mental states that resist reduction. Intimate and private, yet gaining substance and significance from their social and cultural context, their history is plural. It occupies the intersection of history of ideas, of the body, of subjectivi...

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A History of Chess

The Original 1913 Edition

H. J. R. Murray

An epic work that took more than a decade to complete, A History of Chess, originally published in 1913, is a historic undertaking that shattered preconceptions about the game upon publication. Over a century later, Murray’s research and conclusions, in whic...

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