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Strategic Sport Communication

Paul M. Pedersen , Pamela C. Laucella , Edward (Ted) M. Kian , Andrea N. Geurin

Sport continues to experience unprecedented popularity, with growth driven by the evolving ways in which sport teams, athletes, and media communicate with their audiences and fan bases. In turn, the dynamic world of sport communication offers burgeoning career...

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Sports Psychology

Concepts and Applications

S. K. Mangal , Shubhra Mangal

This book analyses the essential aspects of sports psychology by throwing light on issues related to the upkeep of athletes’ mental state and improving their performance in sports activities. On one hand, it covers topics like anxiety, stress, conflicts, ove...

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The Youth Athlete

A Practitioner’s Guide to Providing Comprehensive Sports Medicine Care

Brian J. Krabak , M. Alison Brooks

The Youth Athlete: A Practitioner’s Guide to Providing Comprehensive Sports Medicine Care includes topics that provide the most comprehensive and holistic understanding of the youth athlete. The foundation of the book focuses on the growth and development of...

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Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Physical Education, Sport, and Health (ICoPESH 2022)

I Gede Suwiwa , Setya Chendra Wibawa , Made Agus Dharmadi , I Made Agus Wijaya , Ketut Candra Adinata Kusuma , Gede Doddy Tisna

This is an open access book. The second ICOPESH is a forum for researchers, lecturers, teachers, and practitioners to develop sports science, physical education and health through sharing insights, knowledge, and ideas. This conference seeks to solve the curre...

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Die Rezeption des Sports in den Medien

Holger Schramm

Primäres Ziel des Bandes ist es, die bisherigen Erkenntnisse zur medialen Sportrezeption überblicksartig und systematisch darzustellen. Aufbauend auf einführenden Beiträgen zu Angebot und Nutzung von Mediensport erklären die weiteren Beiträge, warum sich...

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Statistics Meets Sports

What We Can Learn from Sports Data

Yves Dominicy , Christophe Ley

This book inscribes itself in the growing context of sports analytics and the combination of data science with sports medicine, which deeply impact the world of sports. Today, ever-more data are being collected and lead to ground-breaking and game-changing new...

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Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine For The Primary Care Practitioner, Fourth Edition

Richard B. Birrer , Francis G. O'Connor , Shawn F. Kane

Primary care practitioners are often the first medical professionals to see patients after an injury, making it critical for them to stay up to date on the latest developments in sports medicine. Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Practit...

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Sports Law in Uganda

Prossy Namuga

Derived from the renowned multi-volume International Encyclopaedia of Laws, this practical analysis of sports law in Uganda deals with the regulation of sports activity by both public authorities and private sports organizations. The growing internationalizati...

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