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Sports Psychology

Concepts and Applications

S. K. Mangal , Shubhra Mangal

This book analyses the essential aspects of sports psychology by throwing light on issues related to the upkeep of athletes’ mental state and improving their performance in sports activities. On one hand, it covers topics like anxiety, stress, conflicts, ove...

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Applied Psychology

Graham C. Davey

APPLIED PSYCHOLOGY A practical and easy-to-understand introduction to applied psychology In the newly revised second edition of Applied Psychology, distinguished psychologist and author Graham Davey delivers an accessible introduction to the main areas of appl...

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The Psychology of Wisdom

Robert J. Sternberg , Judith Glück

The first comprehensive coursebook on the psychology of wisdom, providing an engaging, balanced, and expert introduction to the field....

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The Routledge International Handbook of Community Psychology

Facing Global Crises with Hope

Carolyn Kagan , Jacqueline Akhurst , Jaime Alfaro , Rebecca Lawthom , Michael Richards , Alba Zambrano

This handbook offers a unique critical and cross-disciplinary approach to the study of Community Psychology, showing how it can address the systemic challenges arising from multiple crises facing people across the world. Addressing some of the most pressing is...

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Psychology of Life

Truth and Tips

Anirudha Singh

It is a psychology book that will help you to know why things happen the way they do. It will tell you the psychological truths about your life and some tips that will help you at every step. They will enhance your connection with people and influence them, an...

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Psychology for Teachers

Paul Castle , Scott Buckler

How can ideas and concepts from psychology be applied smartly to the classroom to meet the needs of different learners? Supported by research and an awareness of the factors underpinning high-quality teaching, this book encourages teachers, and those training ...

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The Creation of Scientific Psychology

David J. Murray , Stephen W. Link

With an emphasis on developments taking place in Germany during the nineteenth century, this book provides in-depth examinations of the key contributions made by the pioneers of scientific psychology. Their works brought measurement and mathematics into the st...

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An Introduction to Social Psychology

Miles Hewstone , Wolfgang Stroebe

This definitive resource in social psychology includes engaging study tools designed to help students grasp the underlying theories and the latest research in the field. In the 7th edition of An Introduction to Social Psychology, students will discover a wealt...

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Psychology 101

The 101 Ideas, Concepts and Theories that Have Shaped Our World

Adrian Furnham

A look at 101 of the key issues that underpin our understanding of modern psychology - from addiction and body language, through to self esteem and work ethics. Psychologists have always shone a torch, and often a spotlight, into many dark corners of the human...

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Clinical Psychology

Graham Davey , Nick Lake , Adrian Whittington

Clinical Psychology, Third Edition offers an introduction to clinical psychology as it is operating on the ground – delivering clinical interventions, supervision, consultation, leadership, training and research, in rapidly changing health and care services....

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Health Psychology

Theory, Research and Practice

David F. Marks , Michael Murray , Emee Vida Estacio

Health Psychology provides students with the tools they need to evaluate and critically appraise theory and research before it can be applied practically. Using the most up-to-date research available, the sixth edition places an emphasis on the real-world appl...

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The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology

C.R. Snyder , Shane J. Lopez , Lisa M. Edwards , Susana C. Marques

The Oxford Handbook of Positive Psychology is the seminal reference in the field of positive psychology, which continues to transcend the boundaries of academia to capture the imagination of the general public. Almost 20 years after the first publication of th...

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EBook: Social Psychology 3e

David Myers , Jackie Abell , Fabio Sani

Social psychology has a profound influence on our everyday lives; from our shopping habits to our interactions at a party. It seeks to answer questions that we often think and talk about; questions such as: - What circumstances prompt people to help, or not to...

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The Psychology of Meaning in Life

Tatjana Schnell

This book offers an inspiring exploration of current findings from the psychology of meaning in life, analysing cutting-edge research to propose practical, evidence-based applications. Schnell draws on psychological, philosophical and cognitive perspectives to...

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Constituting Selves

Psychology's Pragmatic Horizon

Richard E. Duus

This book aims to provide a unique perspective and definition of the self in psychological literature, filling the gap between psychological science and practical implementation of interventions presented to psychotherapy clients. Combining insights from a bro...

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Teaching Psychology around the World

Volume 5

Grant J. Rich , Liesel Ebersöhn , Jacqui Taylor , Shirley Morrissey , Alfredo Padilla-López

This volume serves as a handbook for psychology professors around the globe who aim to internationalize and diversify their courses and curricula, and who seek innovative ideas to enrich their teaching. The work provides an overview of psychology’s globaliza...

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Psychology’s Dream of the Courtroom

Greg Mogenson

What contribution has “the law” made to the work of analyst and patient in the consulting room? And what insights may be drawn from putting psychology itself on trial? In this ground-breaking book, the use of legal metaphors and the courtroom analogy by Fr...

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Psychology’s Contribution to Socio-Cultural, Political, and Individual Emancipation

Carl Ratner

This book articulates how psychologists can use their theory, research, and intervention to generate insights into emancipatory social change that is necessary to solve social and psychological problems. These include racism, sexism, civil rights, poverty, mil...

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Personality Psychology

The Basics

Stanley Gaines Jr.

Personality Psychology: The Basics provides a jargon-free and accessible overview of the discipline, focusing on why not all individuals think, feel, speak, or act the same way in the same situation. The book offers a brief history of the area, covering a rang...

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Psychology: An Introduction for Health Professionals

Patricia Barkway , Deb O'Kane

Psychology: An Introduction for Health Professionals will appeal to the undergraduate nursing and health science student seeking to understand patient responses and behaviours to various diagnoses, interventions and health outcomes. Written by Patricia Barkway...

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Handbook of Police Psychology

Jack Kitaeff

The Handbook of Police Psychology features contributions from over 30 leading experts on the core matters of police psychology. The collection surveys everything from the beginnings of police psychology and early influences on the profession; to pre-employment...

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Essential Psychology

Philip Banyard , Christine Norman , Gayle Dillon , Belinda Winder

The third edition of Essential Psychology provides a thorough introduction for students and anyone who wishes to gain a strong overview of the field. This team of authors provide a student-friendly guide to Psychology, with a vivid narrative writing style, fea...

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EBOOK: Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour, 4e

Nigel Holt , Andy Bremner , Ed Sutherland , Michael Vliek , Michael Passer , Ronald Smith

EBOOK: Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour, 4e...

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Graham C. Davey

Psychology continues to be one of the most popular fields of study at colleges and universities the world over, and Psychology offers a comprehensive overview of the historical, methodological, and conceptual core of modern psychology. This textbook enables st...

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Dictionary of Psychology

Howard C. Warren

First published in 1935, this volume was designed to explain a range of technical psychological terms along with some amendments on usage. Howard C. Warren includes terms from fields related to 1930s psychology, such as folk-lore, religion, education and physi...

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A History of Modern Psychology

Per Saugstad

This textbook presents an engaging and global history of psychological science, from the birth of the field to the present....

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