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Realizing the Metaverse

A Communications and Networking Perspective

Wei Yang Bryan Lim , Dusit Niyato , Junshan Zhang , Zehui Xiong , Xuemin Shen

A guide to the challenges in making virtual reality, reality The Metaverse, a version of the internet in which online interactions take place in real time within fully realized virtual spaces, has been promised as the next frontier in wireless communication. I...

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Employment Is Dead

How Disruptive Technologies Are Revolutionizing the Way We Work

Deborah Perry Piscione , Josh Drean

With disruptive technologies on the horizon, traditional employment models are becoming outdated. How will your organization adapt to the evolving landscape of work? Business is on the cusp of an inevitable and profound transformation. Conventional work paradi...

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Unicorns, Hype, and Bubbles

A Guide to Spotting, Avoiding, and Exploiting Investment Bubbles in Tech

Jeffrey Funk

Differentiating between tech bubbles and genuine, sustainable technological revolutionaries....

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Fast Future Fundamentals

The Preparation


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Our Next Reality

How the AI-powered Metaverse Will Reshape the World

Alvin Wang Graylin , Louis Rosenberg


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The Business of Metaverse

How Organizations Can Optimize the Opportunities of Web3

David Palmer

Understand the metaverse, grasp its myriad opportunities and prepare for its key challenges with this panoramic guide to the metaverse business opportunity landscape....

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Artificial Intelligence for Learning: Using AI and Generative AI to Support Learner Development

Donald Clark

Critically assess the impact of artificial intelligence on the L&D function and understand how to use it to improve learning in the workplace....

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Media Management and Live Experience

Sports, Culture, Entertainment and Events

Alex Connock

Global and authoritative, this textbook maps modern, live experience media, the categories that thrive on real-time engagement and human connection – even in the age of synthetic content, AI and the Metaverse. Sports and sports betting, festivals, comedy, co...

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Islamic Algorithms

Online Influence in the Muslim Metaverse

Gary R. Bunt

"Explores the intersection between the internet and Islamic influencers, and how key historical formative figures (and entities) and contemporary individuals have acquired extensive online audiences"--...

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The Role of HR in the Transforming Workplace

Challenges, Technology, and Future Directions

Anamika Pandey , Simon Grima , Suruchi Pandey , Balamurugan Balusamy

Changing technology and the growing demand for workforce intelligence have ushered in a new era of human resource (HR) transformation and have compelled HR professionals to continually ideate, innovate, and adapt. This book covers the changing role of HR in th...

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Iris and Periocular Recognition using Deep Learning

Ajay Kumar

Iris and Periocular Recognition using Deep Learning investigates advanced techniques for iris and ocular recognition. This is the first book devoted to iris recognition that details cutting-edge techniques using deep learning. This book systematically introduc...

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Smart Spaces

Zhihan Lyu

Smart Spaces combines the study of working or living spaces with computing, information equipment, and multimodal sensing devices, and with natural and convenient interactive interfaces to support how people can easily obtain services from computer systems. Pe...

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Marketing Fashion Third Edition

Strategy, Branding and Promotion

Harriet Posner

Marketing Fashion, Third Edition is a practical guide to the fundamental principles of marketing, branding and promotion, from creating a customer profile to developing a brand identity. The book explains key concepts and illustrates how they are applied withi...

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The Family Experiment

John Marrs

From the acclaimed author of The One and The Marriage Act, The Family Experiment is a dark and brilliant speculative thriller about families: real and virtual. Some families are virtually perfect... The world's population is soaring, creating overcrowded citie...

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The Metaverse and Smart Cities

Urban Environments in the Age of Digital Connectivity

Zaheer Allam , Zarrin Allam

The Metaverse and Smart Cities: Urban Environments in the Age of Digital Connectivity explores the intersection between the rapidly growing metaverse and the future of cities. The metaverse is a virtual world that is increasingly gaining attention as a new fro...

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The Palgrave Handbook of Everyday Digital Life

Hopeton S. Dunn , Massimo Ragnedda , Maria Laura Ruiu , Laura Robinson

This comprehensive Handbook explores the multiple ways in which people experience digital life. It maps the transitions in human civilization generated by such digital technologies as the internet, mobile telephony, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, soci...

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Future Money

From Fintech to Web3

Ronit Ghose

Delve into the realities of fintech, crypto and Web3 and explore the rapidly changing world of money through the gripping stories of key founders and companies from around the world....

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Social Media Strategy

Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations in the Consumer Revolution

Keith A. Quesenberry

This essential guide to marketing, advertising, and PR unlocks current strategies to build and leverage consumer influence across social media. The fourth edition features concise, graphics-oriented sections that get students creating content early. Updates th...

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Strategy In the Age of Disruption

Henrik Von Scheel , Ciprian Popa , Joshua Von Scheel

Seize your place in a new era in commerce and industry In Strategy in The Age of Disruption, a team of dedicated strategists delivers an exciting and practical guide to Industry 4.0, a commercial transformation that’s impacting every facet of the market, the...

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Bedtime Stories for Grownups

Volume 1

Webster Russell

Some of the genres of the stories are science fiction, fantasy, mysterious, and taken from today's news. There is a story about a couple facing the human destruction created by dementia. Another story is about a man who enters another world when he goes to sle...

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Blockchain in Energy

Jan Veuger

The global energy crisis is accelerating, and within Europe, the European Union (EU) is actively working to address this challenge through policy frameworks and political management. However, the energy market remains fiercely competitive, prompting us to expl...

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Still living on the coast in the 22nd century

Jean-Marc Beynet

Since the industrial revolution and coal mining in the 19th century followed by oil and gas drilling in the 20th century, massive CO2 emissions are responsible for global warming and rising sea levels, which will continue until political and industrial energy ...

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Cyber Risk Management

Prioritize Threats, Identify Vulnerabilities and Apply Controls

Christopher J Hodson

How can you manage the complex threats that can cause financial, operational and reputational damage to the business? This practical guide shows how to implement a successful cyber security programme. The second edition of Cyber Risk Management covers the late...

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Cryptocurrency Investing Guide and Metaverse Explained

Absolute Beginner Guide to Start Trading and Understand Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin, NFT and Altcoins.

Vitali Lazar

2 Books in 1 Metaverse Investing for BeginnersTop 5 Beginner-Friendly Strategies to Get You Into Metaverse Investing Today! - Bring in a Fortune and Finally Reach Financial Freedom With This Book That Will Hand You the Keys to Do So I'm sure you've heard about...

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E-Commerce (Business Models And Business Strategy)

Dr. G. Thiyagarajan

Although E-commerce is growing, a lot of business executives are still unclear about whether it fits their business model or how to take the next step. Make sure E-commerce will work for you before jumping in, given the fierce competition, cybersecurity risks,...

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Proceedings of the 12th UUM International Legal Conference 2023 (UUMILC 2023)

Rohana Abdul Rahman , Mohamad Fateh Labanieh , Md. Zahurul Haq , Zuryati Mohamed Yusoff , Ahmad Shamsul Abd. Aziz

This is an open access book. The 12th UUM International Legal Conference 2023“REFLECTING ON THE FUTURE: ADVANCES IN LAW”Aims of the Conference To provide a platform for intellectuals from various fields to discuss and share experiences on contemporary lega...

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Towards Wireless Heterogeneity in 6G Networks

Abraham George , G Ramana Murthy

The connected world paradigm effectuated through proliferation of mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT) and the metaverse will offer novel services in coming years that need anytime, anywhere, high speed access. This book is on 6G concepts to support next g...

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