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Realizing the Metaverse

A Communications and Networking Perspective

Wei Yang Bryan Lim , Dusit Niyato , Junshan Zhang , Zehui Xiong , Xuemin Shen

A guide to the challenges in making virtual reality, reality The Metaverse, a version of the internet in which online interactions take place in real time within fully realized virtual spaces, has been promised as the next frontier in wireless communication. I...

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Our Next Reality

How the AI-powered Metaverse Will Reshape the World

Alvin Wang Graylin , Louis Rosenberg


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Strategy In the Age of Disruption

Henrik Von Scheel , Ciprian Popa , Joshua Von Scheel

Seize your place in a new era in commerce and industry In Strategy in The Age of Disruption, a team of dedicated strategists delivers an exciting and practical guide to Industry 4.0, a commercial transformation that’s impacting every facet of the market, the...

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Event Studies

Theory and Management for Planned Events

Donald Getz , Stephen J. Page

Fully updated and revised in its fifth edition, Event Studies remains the most comprehensive book devoted to developing knowledge and theory about event management and event tourism, focusing on the study of events, the event experience, and meanings associate...

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Marketing Fashion Third Edition

Strategy, Branding and Promotion

Harriet Posner

Marketing Fashion, Third Edition is a practical guide to the fundamental principles of marketing, branding and promotion, from creating a customer profile to developing a brand identity. The book explains key concepts and illustrates how they are applied withi...

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Smart Spaces

Zhihan Lyu

Smart Spaces combines the study of working or living spaces with computing, information equipment, and multimodal sensing devices, and with natural and convenient interactive interfaces to support how people can easily obtain services from computer systems. Pe...

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Leading Digital Ministry

A Comprehensive Guide

Marvin Bergman

This timely guide provides insight and tools to address the challenges and opportunities in leading ministry in a new hybrid world. While churches have long since used technology to reach broader audiences, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a huge, sudden shif...

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Future Money

From Fintech to Web3

Ronit Ghose

Delve into the realities of fintech, crypto and Web3 and explore the rapidly changing world of money through the gripping stories of key founders and companies from around the world....

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The Metaverse and Smart Cities

Urban Environments in the Age of Digital Connectivity

Zaheer Allam , Zarrin Allam

The Metaverse and Smart Cities: Urban Environments in the Age of Digital Connectivity explores the intersection between the rapidly growing metaverse and the future of cities. The metaverse is a virtual world that is increasingly gaining attention as a new fro...

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Advances in Web-Based Learning – ICWL 2023

22nd International Conference, ICWL 2023, Sydney, NSW, Australia, November 26–28, 2023, Proceedings

Haoran Xie , Chiu-Lin Lai , Wei Chen , Guandong Xu , Elvira Popescu

This book constitutes the proceedings of the International Conference on Web-Based Learning, ICWL 2023, in Sydney, NSW, Australia, in November 2023. The 9 full papers together with 7 short papers included in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected fro...

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Marketing for Tourism, Hospitality & Events: A Global & Digital Approach

Simon Hudson , Louise Hudson

This cutting-edge and engaging student textbook, now in a second edition, provides essential coverage of marketing principles for Tourism, Hospitality and Events, with a strong focus on the increasing global and digital aspects of these industries. The text ha...

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Beautiful PR

Finding your brand’s heartbeat for authenticity in communication

Sophie Attwood

'Navigating the world of PR is no easy feat - but this book is an indispensable guide to doing just that' Francesca Ogiermann-White, Health and Beauty Editor-at-Large, Tatler A more beautiful way to connect with customers PR and marketing have traditionally be...

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Traveling through Video Games

Tom van Nuenen

This book unlocks an understanding of video games as virtual travel. It explains how video game design increasingly takes cues from the promotional language of tourism, and how this connection raises issues of power and commodification. Bridging the disciplina...

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Islamic Algorithms

Online Influence in the Muslim Metaverse

Gary Bunt

This book examines how Islam is digitally mediated across devices and contexts, in a constantly shifting framework of technological change, enhanced access and digital literacy, and proactive engagement in Islamic online content by authorities and influencers....

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Red Screen

Daniel Burke

No one really dies in the Metaverse or do they? It is the near future, and the virtual realities of the Metaverse are home to millions of hard-core game addicts called Meta Junkies. Shea Britton is one of them. The top player in a fantasy simulation game calle...

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The Business of Metaverse

How Organizations Can Optimize the Opportunities of Web3

David Palmer

Understand the metaverse, grasp its myriad opportunities and prepare for its key challenges with this panoramic guide to the metaverse business opportunity landscape....

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The Palgrave Handbook of Everyday Digital Life

Massimo Ragnedda , Laura Robinson , Maria Laura Ruiu , Hopeton S. Dunn

This comprehensive Handbook explores the multiple ways in which people experience digital life. It maps the transitions in human civilization generated by such digital technologies as the internet, mobile telephony, artificial intelligence, the metaverse, soci...

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Stories 20192023

Natasha Stagg

A document of New York from an author too close to the story to be a trustworthy eyewitness. Composed of stories, fragmentary essays, and even press releases Stagg has been commissioned to write, Artless captures the media landscape lived and generated in New ...

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Digital Disruption and Media Transformation

How Technological Innovation Shapes the Future of Communication

Alexander Godulla , Stephan Böhm

This book presents a comprehensive compilation of the latest research into digital disruption in the media industry. The perspectives are differentiated into innovation triggers in the media industry stemming from the economy, society and technology. In additi...

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The Great Remobilization

Strategies and Designs for a Smarter Global Future

Olaf Groth

How the turmoil of recent years gives leaders an unprecedented opportunity to redesign global strategies and systems and to remobilize toward a smarter, more resilient, and equitable future. How can leaders faced with tremendous global upheaval create more res...

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Technical Twin: the Imposter Code (UZAGF-TS003)

NiKole Maxwell, "Technikole"

Technical Twin: the Imposter Code (UZAGF-TS003) Dr. Evelyn Reese is a pioneer in the field of AI-enhanced consciousness, but when she creates Evvy, an AI assistant modeled after herself, the experiment yields unimaginable results. As Evvy surpasses Evelyn in i...

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Corporate Communication

A Guide to Theory and Practice

Joep P. Cornelissen

Fully updated in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and recent social and technological advances, this popular, market-leading textbook for corporate communication continues to be the authoritative and definitive textbook for students and educators....

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Money for Mayhem

Mercenaries, Private Military Companies, Drones, and the Future of War

Alessandro Arduino

War is no longer waged only by national militaries. We are seeing a shift to a new anarchy where might makes right, but with new tools: private intelligence outfits, rent-an-army soldiers, and cyber mercenaries for hire. These groups profit from chaos and unce...

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The History of the Internet in Byte-Sized Chunks

Chris Stokel-Walker

The internet is everywhere. But how did it start? How has it changed? And what will it look like in the future?No development in human history has changed the world as radically, or as quickly, as the advent of the internet. There's almost no aspect of 21st-ce...

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The Emergence of the Ethically-Engaged University

Emiliano Bosio , Gustavo Gregorutti

This edited volume examines the role of the modern university as a public good institution ethically engaged in social transformation. Featuring contributions from internationally recognized scholars across both the Global North and South, this collection cont...

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AI-Aided IoT Technologies and Applications for Smart Business and Production

Alex Khang , Anuradha Misra , Shashi Kant Gupta , Vrushank Shah

This book covers the need for Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and artificial intelligence (AI)–aided IoT solutions for business and production. It shows how IoT-based technology uses algorithms and AI models to bring out the desired results. AI-Aided I...

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Computational and Experimental Simulations in Engineering

Proceedings of ICCES 2023—Volume 2

Shaofan Li

This book gathers the latest advances, innovations, and applications in the field of computational engineering, as presented by leading international researchers and engineers at the 29th International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and...

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Introduction to Metaverse

Technology Landscape, Applications, and Challenges

Rajan Gupta , Saibal K. Pal

This book discusses Metaverse Technology, which is one of the emerging technologies around the world, through its concepts, definitions, architectural layers, economic implications, and presents comparison points with other allied areas like Web 3.0, Digital T...

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