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The Church in the Public

A Politics of Engagement for a Cruel and Indifferent Age

Ilsup Ahn

How should the church relate to the public sphere? The body politic? The state? The economic order? The natural world? For too many Christians and churches, being "in the world but not of it" has resulted in either a theocratic impulse to seize the reins of se...

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Comparative Government and Politics

John McCormick

Offering a comprehensive introduction to the comparison of governments and political systems, this new edition helps students to understand not just the institutions and political cultures of their own countries but also those of a wide range of democracies an...

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Messerschmitt Me 309

Calum E Douglas , Dan Sharp

Chosen in 1941 to replace the Bf 109 as the Luftwaffe's standard front-line fighter, Messerschmitt's innovative Me 309 embodied a wealth of hard-won experience from the Battle of Britain. Its sturdy tricycle undercarriage would make landings safer, its capacio...

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Mobilizing Teachers

Education Politics and the New Labor Movement in Latin America

Christopher Chambers-Ju

The political participation of public school teachers in new democracies has generated heated debates. In some countries, teacher strikes shutter schools for months each year; in others, teachers' unions have become powerful political machines and have even fo...

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The Politics of Immunity

Security and the Policing of Bodies

Mark Neocleous

The violence and destruction hiding behind the obsession with immunity Our contemporary political condition is obsessed with immunity. The immunity of bodies and the body politic; personal immunity and herd immunity; how to immunize the social system against b...

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Towards Jihad?

Muslims and Politics in Postcolonial Mozambique

Eric Morier-Genoud

Since 2017, Mozambique has been confronted with a jihadi insurgency. This book looks at the origins of that insurgency, and the broader and longer history of the relationship between Islam and politics in the country. Did Mozambique's Muslim politics always po...

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Badass Feminist Politics

Exploring Radical Edges of Feminist Theory, Communication, and Activism

Sarah Jane Blithe , Janell C. Bauer

Badass Feminist Politics explores gender, difference, feminist methods, stigma, social movements, mediated communication, intersectional feminist theory and pedagogy. It is a testament to resilience, resistance, and forward thinking about what these themes mea...

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The Politics of Making Kinship

Historical and Anthropological Perspectives

Erdmute Alber , David Warren Sabean , Simon Teuscher , Tatjana Thelen

"A long tradition of Western political thought included the concepts of a household, the family, and kinship in models of public order, but during the nineteenth century the newly constructed social sciences developed a conceptualization of "the West and the R...

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The Oxford Handbook of Japanese Politics

Robert J. Pekkanen , Saadia Pekkanen

"Book Abstract and Keywords: The study of Japanese politics has flourished over the past several decades. This Handbook provides a state-of-the-field overview for students and researchers of Japanese. The volume also serves to introduce Japanese politics to re...

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The New Politics of the Old South

An Introduction to Southern Politics

Charles S. Bullock III , Mark Rozell

Now in its seventh edition, The New Politics of the Old South offers the best and most comprehensive analysis and history of political behaviors and shifting demographics in the American south. This edition has been updated through the 2020 elections to provid...

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Reproductive Politics and the Making of Modern India

Mytheli Sreenivas

Open-access edition: DOI 10.6069/9780295748856 Beginning in the late nineteenth century, India played a pivotal role in global conversations about population and reproduction. In Reproductive Politics and the Making of Modern India, Mytheli Sreenivas demonstra...

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Rethinking the Body in Global Politics

Bodies, Body Politics, and the Body Politic in a Time of Pandemic

Kandida Purnell

This book rethinks the body in global politics and the particular roles bodies play in our international system, foregrounding processes and practices involved in the continually contested (re/dis)embodiment of both human bodies and collective bodies politic. ...

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The Oxford Handbook of Politics and Performance

Shirin M. Rai , Milija Gluhovic , Silvija Jestrovic , Michael Saward

While political scientists and political theorists have long been interested in social and political performance, and theatre and performance researchers have often focused on the political dimensions of the live arts, the interdisciplinary nature of this labo...

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Endangered Excellence

On the Political Philosophy of Aristotle

Pierre Pellegrin

In Endangered Excellence, Pierre Pellegrin provides a fresh interpretation of Aristotle's Politics, revealing the extent to which Aristotle diverged from other ancient writers on politics, and the extent to which many of his positions resemble modern attitudes...

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The Multilevel Politics of Trade

Jörg Broschek , Patricia Goff

Sub-federal units within federal states are taking on new roles in trade policy and trade agreement negotiations. What is motivating this development and how do unique federal contexts impact the way that it unfolds?...

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Designing Relationally

Mending the Story of Life

Arturo Escobar , Michal Osterweil , Kriti Sharma

This important new book argues that at the root of the contemporary crisis of climate, energy, food, inequality, and meaning is a certain core presupposition that structures the ways in which we live, think, act and design: the assumption of dualism, or the fu...

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Ice War Diplomat

Behind the Scenes at the 1972 Summit Series

Gary J. Smith

Marking the 50th anniversary of the historic Summit Series, here is the incredible story of an unlikely political stage--the hockey rink--where a Cold War, and the threat of nuclear annihilation, is no less important than a power play in the final minute. Disc...

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The Oxford Handbook of American Political History

Paula Baker , Donald T. Critchlow

"American political history, like military history, has never lost a popular audience. If anything, the appetite for books dealing with the nation's founding, its presidents, and elections has grown in recent years. Written by historians, academics in other fi...

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Fashion Knowledge

Theories, Methods, Practices and Politics

Elke Gaugele , Monica Titton

On theory and method in the changing field of fashion studies. At a point when fashion studies are expanding and the fashion industry is at a crucial point of change, Fashion Knowledge makes a valuable contribution to the field. The book explores current issue...

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Japan Rearmed

The Politics of Military Power

Sheila A. Smith

Modern Japan is not only responding to threats from North Korea and China but is also reevaluating its dependence on the United States, Sheila Smith shows. No longer convinced they can rely on Americans to defend their country, Tokyo’s political leaders are ...

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The Hard Boards Bite Into My Body

Jack Howard

The abuse of power by politicians is always nauseating, particularly when it involves the glorification of war. Indeed, readers may find some of these poems shocking, addressing as they do the grim reality of politics and power in Britain today. Here, in one o...

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Politics in the Marketplace

Work, Gender, and Citizenship in Revolutionary France

Katie Jarvis

Introduction : inventing citizenship in the revolutionary marketplace -- The Dames des Halles : economic lynchpins and the people personified -- Embodying sovereignty : the October days, political activism, and maternal work -- Occupying the marketplace : the ...

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The Politics of Ministry

Navigating Power Dynamics and Negotiating Interests

Bob Burns , Tasha D. Chapman , Donald C. Guthrie

We all need help navigating the politics of ministry. "Politics" is often considered a dirty word. It brings to mind lies and manipulation, accusations and scandals. But at its most basic level, politics is simply the everyday activity of getting things done w...

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Keeping the Republic

Power and Citizenship in American Politics, The Essentials

Christine Barbour , Gerald C. Wright

"I consistently recommend the book to [colleagues] who are teaching American government for the first time. It is easy to use, and it provides all of the basics that any student would ever need to know. It is easy for students to read, and it challenges their ...

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The Politics and Practices of Apartment Living

Hazel Easthope

The majority of people now live in cities and for many that means apartment living. Apartments are where we spend our time, make our homes, raise our families and invest our money. Apartment living requires that we try to get along with our neighbours and make...

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A Long Way to Paradise

A New History of British Columbia Politics

Robert A. J. McDonald

Polarized. Partisan. The political landscape of British Columbia has been characterized by divisiveness since Confederation. But why and how did it become Canada's most fractious province? A Long Way to Paradise traces the evolution of political ideas in the p...

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